Are you ready to start your brave journey towards creating a new relationship with food and your body?


My mission

I will help you to create a lasting, peaceful and ultimately liberating relationship with food and your body that will allow you to live your life free from rules, diets and restrictions.


My approach

My non-diet approach will allow you to create a new definition of health unique to you that will help you meet your physiological, emotional and physical needs and give up dieting for good! I will help you take the shame, perfectionism and judgment out of your eating experiences and guide you in creating a trusting relationship with your body that is build on compassion, mutual respect and empathy.

In our culture there is an obsession with size, weight, dieting and exercise which can feel overwhelming at best, paralyzing at worst. We will work together to help you to create a flexible relationship with food, to create a sense of self worth that is not based on body shape and weight, to create and discover pleasure in movement, and to take away the rigidity in eating.

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Create a peaceful relationship with food

Learn how to eat to meet your body’s needs, tune into cravings and understand from within what your body needs to thrive and be nourished rather than looking to external cues to guide your decisions. We will work together to help you take a journey back to yourself, helping you to feel connected, grounded and at peace. 


Establish a trusting relationship with your body

We are inundated with images of what a body is supposed to look like in our culture, setting you up to feel like you are never pretty enough, thin enough, or worthy enough. I will help you to create a compassionate relationship with your body free from shame and criticism. Feeling good in your body and freeing yourself from body shame is attainable for you and I will help you get there!


Live a liberated life.

You deserve to live a life that is free from rules and restrictions, one where food takes up less headspace so that you can pursue that which brings you joy in life. Understanding your body and nutritional needs will help you to feel empowered, confident and ultimately liberated.