Katherine Metzelaar MSN, RDN, CD

As a registered dietitian and nutrition Therapist, I am passionate about helping you to repair your relationship with food and your body, free from perfectionism, fear and shame.


Because I suffered for so long in silence, as you may be, and I want differently for you. I struggled for years with binge eating, restrictive eating, overexercising, extreme body shame, disordered eating and an eating disorder.

We are complex beings, with needs and wants and desires, and our relationship with food and body has a story, an origin, and a history that needs to be heard, unpacked and explored. 

I know from experience that no amount of information or data will meet that need or help you make long-term changes. In fact, with more data and more information, you often experience more fear, helplessness and unsustainable rule-following.


I started my private practice to offer nutrition therapy to you. You may be struggling with your relationship with food, feel confused about what you “should” be eating, have a history of dieting, counted calories so often that you can just look at a food and know what its nutrition content is, or have so many food rules that it makes it challenging to eat without fear or in company. You are tired of trying to get it right, trying to perfect it and tired of blaming yourself for not succeeding. Together, we will create more flexibility and freedom, giving you the tools to decrease your fear of food.

I believe that you inherently possess the wisdom and strength to make changes in your life related to food and body image and because of this I take a deeply personal approach that is client-centered; translation: there is no "one size fits all". Through learning how to practice intuitive eating, self-compassion, self-care and mindfulness, I will help you learn the crucial steps that are part of healing your relationship with food and your body because I want you to experience life’s abundance of pleasure free from the constant pursuit of getting nutrition or your body size “right” or perfect.

I founded Bravespace Nutrition so that I can help you to feel a sense of freedom from food rules and create peace with your body. I specialize in Intuitive Eating, Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness and Health At Every Size and I am excited to support you along your journey!

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