Body Image Badass:

Food and Body Image Support Group


This group is right for you if:

You're ready and want to make peace with food by taking away the shame, perfectionism and judgment out of your eating experiences.

You don’t want to go on this journey alone anymore. You want to connect with others that are experiencing similar struggles. 

You know the basics of Intuitive Eating, but you need support implementing  it into your daily life.

You are ready to take a step into action. You may still have doubts, but you know that something needs to change.

You are not sure if you are ready for 1:1 counseling.


Feeling good in your body and freeing yourself from body shame is attainable for you.

What you can expect

To find support from others in the group, hear your experience reflected in other’s, to feel validated and receive compassion for your lived experience in your body and your relationship with food, to receive guidance from me as you work through the tough spots, to gather tools that will help you outside of sessions.


The details



$60 per session or $500 for 8 weeks

How the group works and what you can expect:

  • We'll meet WEEKLY VIA ONLINE VIDEO for 8 weeks, for a total of 8, ninety-minute group coaching sessions. 

  • Group is held --from --pm pst / --pm est - USA. the next group starts --and goes until --.

  • All materials (guides, handouts, worksheets) are included in the cost of the program and will be provided.

  • Group is highly interactive & participatory. The first 30-minutes of group consists of individual check-ins; the next 30 minutes we'll cover the session's topic (an Intuitive Eating Principle & Body Image Healing piece); and the concluding 30-minutes will be comprised of group discussion and individual takeaways from session.

  • This is a LIVE group only. If you miss a session, unfortunately recordings will not be sent out. Part of the healing experience is having your fellow participants show up for you, hold space and feel supported. If this does not work for you, please feel free to contact me for a 1:1 session.

  • Each group session will have suggested "homework," to allow you to begin experimenting with what you're learning in group, so you can learn what works best for you and what isn't as helpful. The "real work" happens in-between our sessions!

  • Throughout the 8-week experience you'll have unlimited email support from the leader of the group, Non-Diet Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Katherine Metzelaar, MSN, RDN.

Here are the core learnings in group:

Week 1: Breaking Free of the Diet Mentality

Break the diet cycle, recognize and reject diet culture, and heal your relationship with food.

Week 2: Cultivating a positive Body Image

Learn the tools and skills to develop body respect, body appreciation, and a positive body image. 

Week 3: Challenge food rules and restrictions

Cultivating unconditional food permission and honoring your hunger.

Week 4: Exercise and movement

Finding pleasure and joy in moving your body.

Week 5: Honoring your feelings outside of using food


Week 6: Bring pleasure back into the eating experience and into your life

Rid yourself of the “food police” mentality, learn to appreciate food, recognize feelings of food guilt or shame. 

Week 7: Self-care for your unique body

Exploring what self-care means to you and respecting your body’s experiences, both past and present.

Week 8: How to become a body image badass

Build a trusting relationship with yourself and food, body image healing, make peace with your experiences and culture influenced beliefs.


As a group, we will work together to help you to create a flexible relationship with food, to create a sense of self worth that is not based on body shape and weight, to create and discover pleasure in movement, and to take away the rigidity in eating.

About the Instructor

Katherine Metzelaar, MSN, RDN, CD  - Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Therapist

Katherine is a Seattle-based registered dietitian and nutrition therapist who helps people repair their relationship with food and body free from perfectionism, fear, and shame. She works with clients to help them create more flexibility and freedom with food and create peace with their bodies. She specializes in disordered eating, eating disorders and body image healing.

Come join this group and learn how to create a compassionate relationship with your body free from shame and criticism and create peace with food free from dieting and rules.


For questions and to register please email

Phone calls are also welcome to:

302-588-2731 (Katherine)